More of the quirky things about myself:

– My birthday is my favorite time of the year, beating Thanksgiving and Christmas. April 6th is the date.

– Being that my birthday is April 6th, spring it my favorite time of the year.

– I love to travel. I have been to all fifty states (I’m cheating and counting a few states even if I’ve only been in the airport..). I’ve also been to Europe 3 times, but am dying to go more. I’ll be studying aboard spring semester of 2012 and I can’t wait. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t already started making a list of things to bring.

– Speaking of lists, I make lists about literally EVERYTHING. I make them hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. Right now I have 4 different lists up on the sticky notes on my computer. There is nothing better than crossing something off my list (#nerdy).

– I love Harry Potter. I’ve read all of the seven books over ten times, mostly because I can read one a day now. In my perfect world, Hogwarts exstis

– Building on the ideas of fantasy, when I was younger my life revolved around Disney. Yes, everyone loves Disney, how can you not? But for me, I lived in a house FILLED with Mickey Mouse. My parents had a Mickey wedding… they wore Mickey ears, had Mickey and Minnie on top of their wedding cake, and even had Disney music. It’s safe to say our house was decorated in Disney and the clothes my mom bought for me were all Disney related when I was younger. The idea kind of stuck, I’ve been to Disney World rougly 10 times now and I love it.

– I have two irrational phobias.. 1) Giant Squids. I used to love huge bodies of water and then I read 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea and leaned about these gigantic creatures. Now I won’t go into the water passed my knees… 2) Venus Fly Traps. You know, that plant that traps things? I can’t get the image out of my head that if one was as big as a person, it could eat me.

– Other than ONE A- I got in choir my freshman year of high school, I got all A’s. That ONE A- stopped me from being valedictorian. Not that it matters… but COME ON Mr. Basemen, why an A- in choir?!

– My favorite class so far in college was Journalism and Mass Communication 201 with Greg Downey. He will change everything and anything that you’ve thought about media. He. is. great.

– I started here as an engineer, once I took J201 however I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to do. I couldn’t think of two majors that are more different than those two. Sometimes I think maybe I should go back, and then I realize how much I love what I do. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

– I’m hard working, and I really really care about people and what I am involved in. My favorite thing to do is get to know new people and learn about all the different walks of life.

– My goal is to change someone’s life. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.

Now, we go.

As quoted from How I Met Your Mother,

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead!”

Live on, everyone.