The name is Badger. McKenzie Badger. With a last name like that, I couldn’t go to anywhere other than the University of Wisconsin-Madison. So, here I am. I love the Badgers and everything about the university. I’ve always been in this wonderful state, starting out in Eau Claire and moving to Appleton in 2nd grade. I’ve played soccer my whole life and love it. I sit down for days on end when the World Cup is on, watching game after game. I also can’t get enough of the Olympics, I’ve even been able to get really watching the CURLING. Shocking.

I love to be inspired and I love to feel free. Everything happens for a reason, cliché, but definitely words I live by.

I belong in Chicago, if I wasn’t at Madison I would be going to school there. I am an AVID Chicago Bears fan, through and through, even if we do have some ruthless fans. That belt is ours next year, mark my words.

Academic-wise I have recently gotten accepted in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Wisconsin! A dream come true and although I’m taking a hell of a six credit class now, I couldn’t be happier. I’m a sophomore right now, heading down the ‘yellow brick road’ of Strategic Communication. Let’s hope my Oz is a lot nicer than in the movie. My dream is to work in Public Relations, preferably with Disney World (When you wish upon a star…right?)

I love my family. I love my friends. I love where I’m at right now.     …I also love Glee #Gleek!

I have my sights set high and I’m ready to take on the unknown.