Geonomics? I don’t even know what that is… Economics? One class that I absolutely hate and will never put my GPA through again… Socialnomics, on the other hand… I can’t get enough of.

I’m in Florida on Spring Break with a lot of time on my hands while I lay at the pool all day (Not trying to rub it in… okay, maybe a little). I picked up a book based on a 4 minute video that I used to watch every day, sometimes twice a day. Why did I watch a 4 minute video so often? Because it’s awesome. It’s a video that makes you think every time you watch it, it’s uplifting and most of all it’s exciting. Some might not think so, but I can guarantee anyone on the journalism, advertising and PR path will love it. See for yourself.

So since the video had such an impact on me, I went out buy the book. Only being 112 pages in, I already love it. Socialnomics by Erik Qualman talks about how social media transforms the way we live; it is not just a fad, but a new way of life.

In those first few pages, Qualman touches on the World of Mouth, as opposed to the Word of Mouth. In other words, how news and the internet has become one-to-many instead of one-on-one. Social media allows you to easily stay abreast of people you want to stay connected with. Instead of social media wasting your time, Qualman argues that it actually makes you MORE productive. It does this by being able to see what people are saying about certain things like traffic, how to decorate your room, what stores are sold out of a particular item. You also save time catching up with old friends, as their tweets or facebooks can tell you a world of information about them.

Instead of needing to find news ourselves, the news find us. We don’t need to wait until Monday morning to hear of the happenings around the nation, because online news is 24/7.

Qualman also touches on the wonders of blogging. He gives an example of a news site reporting on a story, versus a blogger blogging on the same story, who is an expert on the subject matter. Qualman says that sometimes bloggers, who work for free, are a better sources of information. At this point it’s not whether or not you do social media, but how well you do it.

As I don’t want to make this post merely a book report, I’ll stop giving away the greatness of this read now. But, I do encourage anyone who wants a good read to sit down and take this book in. Qualman makes some really good points and it’s well worth the $11.

Social media has indeed become a huge part how information is spread. For example, Charlie Sheen set a record of the number of twitter followers in a day and gone “insane” and Snooki has a best seller. I can’t help but think if social media wasn’t around, things like this wouldn’t be such dynamic news. Snooki wouldn’t be as popular and Charlie Sheen’s crazy antics wouldn’t be so well known.

Social media has helped out the citizens of Egypt during their protests and even in Japan, now, after a massive quake hit.

Social media is not leaving any time soon. Still think social media is a fad? Watch the 4 minute video or read Qualman’s book, you couldn’t be more wrong.